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Question: What software is used for the movie creation?

Answer: The Characters are created with a computer game named "The Movies" and the expasion pack "Stunts and Effects", Part One was done in front of a green screen. Since Part Two there is a new program created by TheMovies Fans from the Website Dcmodding (Website offline since 2012) called FLM Reader which makes it possible to place the "Actors" really on the Sets and let everything look much more real.

The Sets are created with "Blender 3D" and added to the game then.
Same as the Sets the ships, planets and all other things in space are created with "Blender 3D"

Lastly the Scenes are putted together with "Corel Video Studio 12" (no link available).

Question: How are the voice recordings done?

Answer: The Voice Actors get a link to the script, they make the recordings of their character and send it to the intern email address for it. The voice is getting added to the character, after that is done, the Voice Actor gets a link to the scene with voice in it to take a look on it. The scene is not finished before the Voice Actor has not given his/her okay to it.

Question: What programs are needed for the voice recordings?

Answer: There are a lot of programs you can use to make the recordings, but normaly you don't need to download one. Windows already has the Sound Recorder. Click here if you want to find out where it is and how you can use it.

Question: If so many Voice Actors are in one movie and if they all use different recording programs, how is it possible that they all have the same volume in their recordings?

Answer: It isn't possible, but with "Corel Video Studio 12" the volume of every recording can be changed so that it will match with all others.

Question: Will the voice be synchron with the lips movement of the Characters?

Answer: Yes they will, but it's not necessary to take care of that during the recording, it will be done by "The Movies" automaticly


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