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News 2011


Status of the movie.
From Manuel Date 05.10.2011

As promised nearly one year ago, this movie will continue. Currently part 4 is in it's last creation stadium and the work on part 5 already has begun. Currently we have not set an release date yet, but we hope to be able to release part 5 very close after part 4. Why should anyone believe this after this long time without any news? Well it happened more than just Hardware problems, the creation Program Blender got an update which made it really much better, but also not possible to work with it for some time because of so many changes. Part 4 has mostly space scenes, so Blender was needed for this part very much. For Part 5 there seems nothing to be in it's creation way.

So stay tuned for more good News


News 2010


Status of the movie.
From Manuel Date 01.10.2010

During the past month I received several Emails, asking if the movie will ever continue ot if it was put on hold. Several (computer technical) things happend during the year 2009 and 2010 which made it difficult to work on the movie without losing parts of it again and again. This problems have all been solved now and Part 4 is on a good way. Currently it's not possible to say if the next part will be released before this year is over, but one thing is for sure, this movie will reach the full nine parts.

News 2009


Part Three released.
From Manuel Date 2009

Several Hardware crashs and other things happened, so no News to write about.

News 2008


Part Three released.
From Manuel Date 20.12.2008

Here it is, Part Three is out now and we hope you all like it

Click here to go to the download area.



News, News, News,....
From Manuel Date 01.12.2008

After a very long time with several technical and time problems, and probably a lot of people who thought Star Trek The Way Back has been ended without any notice, we can now inform you that part three will be released on 8 May 2009. Ok, bad joke, the real release will be on 20 December 2008

There haven't changed many things on the technical way since part two, but from several of the testviewers I got already to hear it's much better than part two.

What will exactly happen in part three, well just a very few informations before you can watch it, the ships will reach Veridian 3, and an away team beams down to the place that we already know from Generations. For more about it you will have to wait until 8 May 2009, I'm sorry, 20 December 2008.

But if you don't want to wait this long you can also watch our new Trailer of which an earlier version has already been shown by Thomas Scott (Admiral Picard) on the Las Vegas Convention 2008. It's not only showing scenes from the first three parts, it also has a few scenes from later parts

Beside this you will already have noticed that several areas of the Website have been updated, now we hope the Forum will get a little more active soon too. Also the old preview video files have been removed from the website, because they can no longer represent the quality of the Movie parts after part one. Last but not least, the download stats for the first two parts are back to their real number.


News Hackers are unable to learn...
From Manuel Date 20.04.2008

Maybe you have seen that I took the Forum offline yesterday, well it's back online now. I saw in the Server Logfiles a hacking try, yes right it was only a try and a try and a try and a try...I could write more of the try thing, but to make it short, Hackers don't learn if they fail... they always try it again and again with the same not working way. After a more carefull analysis of the logfiles I can now say the same thing other Webmasters said before about this Hacker, pushing a button for a script you don't understand don't makes you a Hacker. It wasn't only the Forum which was attacked, all areas of the Website have been tried to get access for sending out Spam Emails, well it wasn't working . But like on the first attack some month ago I have to say thanks to this "Hacker" too, why? Well, Thanks for your IP, or should I say IPs? It wasn't just one this time, this time there were two of those Script users, one from the area around Berlin and one from the area around Bucarest. Do the people who pay you for spamming already now that you can't really do that and they pay for nothing? Thanks for also putting in their sources into the logfiles as well .

Beside this the Download Counts have been damaged and I will need a little time to get them back to the right count, currently it is running with a backup from January.


News 2007

News Part Two Released
From Manuel Date 27.10.2007

Part Two has been released and we hope you all enjoy it.

It has been a very busy week within the whole ship cgi has been redone to let it look more real than before. Special thanks for the idea on how to get this result go to batboy853 from TrekBBS.

News Release Date for Part Two
From Manuel Date 20.10.2007

Yes it's right, after a long waiting time Part Two is now ready and we are currently doing last Testviews to get out last mistakes. You will be able to get the second Part of Star Trek The Way Back on

Saturday 27 October 2007

This second part is looking a little different to part one. The first part was done using Green Screen technics most of the time, this one now is real Machinima on nearly every moment aboard of the Starships. Just the Space scenes are still done with Blender.

Unfortunately we had to change our list of Voice Actors a little bit, but because none of the changed ones was already in part one so you will just know it from the (this time very short) opening Credits. I would like to use this place to say thanks to Ed and Michelle for takeing over those parts in such a short time, the third place I took over myself after it was a very short thing so I don't need to thank myself for it

Beside the already mentioned Cast Changes for Part Two we will also need another new Voice Actor for later parts. So if anyone is interested into doing the part of Captain James T. Kirk, just contact me via email or one of the Forums I am registered on (TopperHarley).

News Forum Back online
From Manuel Date 31.03.2007

Our Forum is back online, special thanks to the Forum creator for his help during the last few days.

Meanwhile we have found out that the Forum was hacked through the Newsscript we used before. P-News ver. 1.16 has several bugs which allowed the hacker to get access to the whole server. For this reason the Newsscript has been removed from our website, this also means there is no longer a Feedback function for the News, please use the Forum if you want to give us a little Feedback.

News Hack Attack
From Manuel Date 26.03.2007

If you have visited our Website earlier today, you might have seen an error site. Our Forum had been hacked and used for an IRC Bot, the Hacker left a very clear trace and we are currently investigate what really happened. Because of this attack our Forum is currently not available, it will be deactivated until all his steps have been saved and repaired.

If something like this happens again we will set up a temporary website at

Edit: Greetings to Cairo in Egypt, to be more exactly to the Hacker of our Forum, Congratulations to your success. Also we would like to congratulate you to your 20 Birthday, we know its a little late, but we were not able to congratulate you on 21 March.

News Part One released
From Manuel Date 24.03.2007

Its Saturday 24 March 2007, the Day Part One is released. You can download a High or a Low quality Version in the section Videos. We hope you all enjoy Part One

News Star Trek The Way Back Part One of Nine
From Manuel Date 21.03.2007

As you can see on the welcome site, we are very close to the release of the first Movie Part. Currently we are on the last test viewings of the about 15 minutes running Part One.

There is no release Date for Part Two yet, but probably it will be set earlier than the most expect. All together the Movie will be released in nine parts.

News The next Preview Scene
From Manuel Date 25.01.2007

Many of you already know the old Version of the scene 14 preview video, today a new Version of this scene has been added to the Videos section. This time it is with all sounds and voices and also in a much better quality than the old one.

Also the Pictures section has been updated with several new pictures from the scenes that are currently in creation.
Last but not least the button Intern was removed from the Website menu, because the script for it is not written yet and there is currently no time to write it, maybe that section will come later.

News New Website
From Manuel Date 01.01.2007

Happy New Year to everyone.
After a long time without any news, there is now a new Website with several News. This new Website has more features for the visitors than the old one. Also there is a new main Domain

-Everyone can comment the News (currently not available)
-A new Forum which is completly in english
-The Videos are now downloaded directly from the Website
-A small FAQ database which includes instructions on how to record voice
-The Sets area has been updated and rearranged to get a better overview
-The Characters area has also been rearranged and the Voice Actors can add some informations to their profile
The area Intern for all involved will follow in about one or two weeks.

News 2006

News More new Sets
From Manuel Date 08.10.2006

Three more Sets have been finished, the front room of Picards Office at Starfleet Academy and Picards Office are rebuilds. Admiral Janeways Office at Starfleet Command is completly new. You can find pics of them in the area Sets.

News Rebuilded Sets
From Manuel Date 04.10.2006

Rebuilding of the Sets "Starfleet Academy Entrance Area" and "Enterprise-E Corridor" has been finished, you can find some pics of them in the area Sets.

News Website online
From Manuel Date 19.09.2006

Welcome to the Website of the Star Trek Animation movie "The Way Back". Together with the Website also the first final scene is gone online today, you can find a download link in the section Videos.

Beside the Video there is a lot more content here. Characters shows you how everyone is currently looking in the movie, but some of them are not the end version and will be reworked. Pics show you what the name already says, screenshots from the movie. At the Story section you can find out what this movie is about and Sets shows you some places where the movie will play.

Currently there is just one big problem that makes it impossible to create the whole movie, a lot of more speakers are needed. So if you have a microphone, some time and want to speak one of the roles simply send me an Email or write it into the Forum area.


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